Adeptus Titanicus – scale and prices

By | 08/06/2018

Pulling together rumours on sizes for Adeptus Titanicus models was getting annoying and then this happened:

Well that clears things up nicely. While they will be quite big they don’t come up to the size of even a regular Imperial Knight. The Dominus pattern would make it look a touch smaller as well.

As for pricing:

Grand Master Edition : 175
Warlord : 65
Questoris Knights : 20
Rules : 35
Civitas Imperialis : 25
Civitas Imperialis Sector : 75 (seems to be four Civitas Imperialis sets for the price of three)

Ouch! I am not sure I am going to be picking that up anytime soon.

What do you think of it?

12 thoughts on “Adeptus Titanicus – scale and prices

  1. Thor

    I expected a unique scale to avoid people swapping these into 40K. You could get away with it on those big boys, but I don’t imagine everyone would like that idea.

    Yeah, that price will definitely keep me away from it for now. Oh well!

  2. Siph

    £65 for a Knight sized model is quite reasonable.

  3. Eric Johansson

    A bit expensive innit? Swedish currency is worth next to nothing at the moment so its a small fortune for some plastics imo =/

  4. Castigator

    It isn’t something that appeals to me, I need to feel a connection with the models (yeah, I know, I should play D&D) and this just feels like a Mech game to me…..but £175 for a basic game!! I’d want Charlize Theron thrown in as a dice caddy for that kind of money.

  5. Dave Weston

    I watched the game on Warhammer TV and was really pleased with the way the Titan tracker works and how progressive the damage tracking works. Having recently played Renegades I felt that ‘game’ lacked the cumulative damage charts the original Adeptus Titanicus had.

    So I like the way the rules have gone, unfortunately I just can’t justify it, no matter how much I loved the original. I am inclined to wonder if you can use the rules and try using the original Warlord Titans. That would definitely be a reason to step into its return. I’ve around 8 ‘beetle backs’, 2 Reavers and 2 Warhounds if I could play the game with them and then feel it was worth stepping into the bigger scale I’d do it that way.

    Right now I’m more likely to come to the Kill Team party late, its better value you get the terrain and it’ll add to both my Genestealer Cult and AdMech. But, I’ve currently two Knights to paint so I might as well save my pennies! 😂

  6. Westrider

    Yeah, there was some pic earlier that made it look like they were on the Trygon base rather than the Knight base, so that’s about what I figured.

    I might actually look into some way of extending the legs and using the Warlord as the basis for plastic Cerastus Knight conversions. Even with some extra expenditure, that’s a lot cheaper than what an actual one of those goes for.

    My first venture into it probably won’t come until after the Warhounds come out, at the very least.

  7. Mordian7th

    I was initially really excited, but this price point cooled my enthusiasm almost entirely. What I had initially thought of as my initial buy-in ends up being almost $600? Nnnnnope. I’ll stick with Necromunda as my preferred specialist game, and save my cash for the Horus Heresy, where a $600 army is significantly more than eight models, and far more likely to be played.

    That said, the models are great and if the prices were 20%-30% less I would be more tempted.

  8. Macey

    100% Buying the Mini Knights! Only to play them in KillTeam 😀
    Of course, I’ll be writing new rules for the knightly houses, and down-scaleing their stats (taking into consideration the unique rulesof KillTeam).

    Duncan will be proud!

  9. Antony Horacek-Glading

    In New Zealand the master edition is starting (depending on retailer) at $460…way too much for a box set by matter how cool it looks. I will just buy more knights for my 40k stuff. If it was interchangeable it would be worth it.

  10. Will

    Thankfully with the GBP value at the moment it’s come in at €200 which while not cheap is not insane for the contents. I’m torn on it.


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