Updated information for my Rogue Trader campaign

Having recovered the Jewelled Scarab from the depths of the underhive on Antris, aka Invenit IV, the team are given a small chance to rest and recuperate before being dispatched to more difficult tasks. Several years have now passed, the team has conducted a number of missions since and the Astropath has been promoted and moved to the Call of Order.

The Lord Commodore finds he has less time to deal with his personal collection and so assigns the team to a distant relative of promise, the very one in control of the BlackSun Rising. Game play will begin with the shuttle transferring the team from the 110VX.1338 over to the new ship. Well I say new, newly refitted is a better term for it. It is in dry dock at the Forge Moon orbiting the lifeless planetoid know as Invenit VI.

The Rising has been heavily serviced and brought up to full running specifications over the last two years. Its young(for a Rogue Trader captain) is eager for the get go. But there are still several weeks or repairs and works on-going, the lance battery lenses have to be fully aligned, supplies are still coming on, final blessing on the engine housing as the core is brought back to life and bridge needs new windscreen wipers.

Rogue Trader: Lord Commodore Trevant Von Blacksun
Warrant of Trade: Issued in the 33rd Millennium in the Terra system.

Notable ships of his fleet –

The Avenger Class Grand Cruiser – Call of Order

A long standing ship of the line, it is not known when the Call of Order was given the Blacksun dynasty. Indeed this has caused some problems with various Imperial fleet logistic officers who have tried to narrow down exactly when, why and indeed if the Call of Order left service and was granted to the Rogue Trader.
Hull – 7.5 kilometres long, approximately 1.8 kilometres abeam at fins.
Class – Avenger-class Grand Cruiser.
Mass – 40 megatonnes, approximate.
Crew – 141,000 crewmen, approximate.
Acceleration – 2.2 gravities maximum acceleration.

Heavy Frigate – Resolution

Captained by Lady Resolution, almost nothing is know of the captain of the Resolution. Although it is rumoured she is either Von Blacksuns daughter or indeed wife, despite neither being seen together.
Dimensions: Approximately 1.9 kilometres long, 0.3 kilometres abeam at fins.
Mass: Approximately 7.5 megatonnes.
Crew: Approximately 25,000 crew.
Acceleration: 4.3 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration.

Frigate – 110VX.1338

The Adeptus Mechanicus vessel was attached to the Von Blacksun dynasty over 2,000 years ago after the discovery of a partial Standard Template Construction fragment. Such is the overwhelming need of the Mechanicus for STCs they immediately attached the 110VX.1338 to assist the Rogue Trader as well as to keep an eye out for any further information to be gleamed. These orders seem to have never been rescinded as the 110VX.1338 still follows most orders given to it and stays in formation, as well providing repairs to other ships.
Dimensions – Approximately 1.4 kilometres, 0.3 kilometres.
Mass’ – Approximately 5.9 megatonnes.
Crew – Approximately 21,000 crew
Acceleration – 4.6 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

Incarnate Class Frigate – BlackSun Rising

One of the few remaining Incarnate Class frigates still in working order. Only 34 of these ships were created before their forgeworld of origin, Natrix-1879, was overrun by Hive Fleet Kraken. Originally developed for the Ultramar sector as a fast response ship, with the fall of so many worlds to the Tyranid threat only 12 of the 34 ever made it into front line duty. When the tyranid threat was repulsed and the remains of Natrix-1879 recovered these 12 ships were claimed by House Corvidae of the Navigators as payment for their services within the war.

BlackSun Rising (or as it was at the time Vindex Rex) was used by House corvidae as a personal transport for the second Scion of the house for 300 years, until without warning the House’s political games went awry and they lost everything, including their name. The frigate was then bought (at a bargain price) by the Von Blacksun trader family and put to use as a rogue trader vessel. The ship was a symbol of their rebirth of the Von Blacksun Dynasty, has been put under control of a young strong leader and was renamed Blacksun Rising in his honour.

Dimensions: – Approximately 1.5 kilometres long, 0.4 kilometres at fins.
Mass: Approximately 6.1 megatonnes.
Crew: Approximately 30,500 crew.
Acceleration: 4.7 Gravities max sustainable acceleration.

The rest of the fleet comprises of various cargo vessels and deep haulers. None of the these have particularly heavy armaments. It has been rumoured that the carrier Mandates Song seems to have a rather excessively large volume of void shields and tends to carry very little cargo.

Sector: Perditus, which is far to the east of Terra
System: Invenit
Seven planets orbit the star of this sytem. Only Invenit III, IV and VI are in habitable.
The Invenit system is a little off the beaten track of the main trade routes but is a valuable resource in the sector due to its notable Forge Moon over Invenit IV.

Invenit III – known as Sepulcrum is an agriculture world. With only one major population centre, it is mainly dominated by endless forests which are harvested year around.
Invenit IV – is called Antris and is dominated by its hive cities and factories.
Invenit VI – no further name was ever given to the planetoid furthest away from the sun. Rich in minerals it is frequently mined by the Mechanicus from the Forge Moon.

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