Tottering onwards

Another post, another one million ideas come and gone. I am perhaps going to expand my thoughts here to some other subjects

How the projects are advancing:

The Boardgame – I have a couple of very clever people I need to talk to about this. Both of them are wonderful for inspiring me to keep going. The process of designing games is wonderful and freeing for me to let my mind loose but where I am falling down is how to advance it past prototypes/playtesting.
I might be needing a business manager or some to point things in the right direction.

Gaming/larping cartoon/web-comic – I have started to make some test sketches of these. None I would like to show just yet, but watch this space.

Forging a blade! – I have four cores to make weapons with and I have to narrow down what I am going to do with them. What weapons to make.

Baker Street Social Club – Last session of my game had an experiment of mine, the players got to listen into a phone call between two of the NPCs. I did this with an actual phone call with a good friend of mine. I like to try change things in my games to keep the players on their collective toes. Sadly two of my players missed this one.

Deathwatch – After having the book for an age and dying to play it I finally got to play a game of a game last night. We only had a three man team to board a hulk and fight our way through to a relic of recover it(I blame the Ultramarines for losing the relic in the first place). It is always interesting getting used to a GMs play style for the first time. That is one harsh system!

40K – I am torn over starting back into 40K, it has been over a decade since I really played it. I do have a chunk of models sitting around to try through together an army though. Some Imperial Guard for the meat grinder…

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