The Thousand Tasks of The Thousand Eyes: 01

+++ Too many projects +++

Lately I have failed at my own advice and have taken a far too scatter brained approach to my toy soldier hobby time. I have a string of projects on the go and many more in mind, as such I am going to lay them all out here. This is an attempt to gain some sort of clarity and ongoing focus for the current projects and stop things spiralling out of control. Sorry this will be a bit text intensive. First and foremost is finishing the second squad of Cadian Special Ops.

After that finishing off my Cerastus Knight-Castigator, who finally has a base. Which he is pinned into, via both feet. I will shortly be getting some Micro Sol and Set and playing around with transfers for him. Besides transfers I want to sharpen up the work on his Tempest Blade and a lot of work that remains on the head. I have the transfers from the basic Imperial Knight kit, thanks to Kirsten, and a few other transfers besides that.

The Wrath of Magnus has me running a lot of lists around my head, there are a lot of fun possibilities for Thousand Sons in there. Although I have not been able to actually buy the book or the models I’ve had a play with Command Centre and Battlescribe. I even put a list up here, that one was focused more on models I have and even then I am still missing the Scarab Occult and Soul Reaper cannons for the Rubicae. But I do have a conversion in mind for the cannons at least, that will hopefully be showing up soon enough.

With Christmas closing fast on us I do know that a certain winged Demon Primarch will be waiting under the tree for me. I have some ideas of how I want to convert Magnus and all to make him uniquely mine, but you will have to wait and see for that one. The challenge of painting the eye in his hand has me worried though, I will have to up my game again.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or at Gameronomy will notice I also have a small Ork force planned, Thunderhead Ork. This is a small mobile force that I am making at a 1000 points for fun in multiplayer battles. Most of the army is stuff I have been given from Black Reach box-sets with only a pair of trucks, the battlewagon and some boys to try and kitbash into Lootas.

Horus Heresy Era Imperial Fists! Ever since I was told about the Stone Gauntlet Rite of War and then when someone explained what a Rite of War was I was hooked. I have already tried building some of these (link) and want to get back to them. I have a box of Betrayal at Calth that will slowly be converted to the yellow of the VIIth. End plans are a lot of breachers and some terminators with TH/SS and an assault cannon. Mostly this force will be aimed at Zone Mortalis I think.

Besides that we also have:

– A Wraith Host army accompanied by Harlequins.
– Resurrecting my second edition Space Wolves.
– The tempting Sisters of Battle plastics that have been spotted to go into an army of Custodians.
– Getting over to my friends in Nottingham for some more games at Warhammer World.
– So tempted by the pretty Infinity models.
– Also tempted by Malifauxs models, in particular Lucius.
– More and more lists go on…

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