Rogue Trader rules I keep messing up

Just some stuff you all might find handy, some of it has  been overlooked and I think you guys are losing out in the game because of it:
Fate Points allow an Explorer to manipulate situations by mitigating bad results or turning a mishap into fortune. An Explorer has a limited pool of Fate Points, and when a Fate Point is spent, that pool is reduced by one. Spent Fate Points are restored at the beginning of the next gaming session, or possibly under special circumstances in the middle of a game session that the GM deems appropriate.
Spending one Fate Point allows for one of the following:
• Re-roll a failed Test once. The results of the re-roll are final.
• Gain a +10 bonus to a Test. This must be chosen before dice are rolled.
• Add an extra degree of success to a Test. This may be chosen after dice are rolled.
• Count as having rolled a 10 for Initiative.
• Instantly recover 1d5 Wounds.
Roll Initiative
At the start of the first Round, each character rolls for Initiative. Each character rolls 1d10 and adds his Agility Bonus (the tens digit of his Agility Characteristic). The result of the roll applies for all successive Rounds in the combat. A combat Round is roughly 5 seconds long.
A Reaction is a special Action made in response to some event, such as an attack. A character receives one Reaction each Round. Unlike the other types of actions, a character usually performs a Reaction when it is not his Turn.
Type: Reaction
Dodge is a Reaction that a character can perform when it is not his Turn. After a character is hit, but before Damage is rolled, the character can attempt to avoid the attack by making a Dodge Skill Test. A character must be aware of the attack in order to make the Test. If the Test succeeds, the character gets out of the way at the last moment and the attack is considered to have missed (and thus no Damage is rolled). If the Dodge Skill Test fails, the attack connects and deals Damage normally. Dodge can be used to avoid both melee and ranged attacks.
When Dodging Fully-Automatic or Semi-Automatic Bursts, each degree of success on the Dodge Skill Test negates one additional hit.
Type: Reaction
Parry is a Reaction that a character can perform if it is not his Turn. If the character is wielding a melee weapon, he can use it to attempt to Parry a melee attack against him, provided he is aware of the attack. To Parry, Test Weapon Skill. If the Test succeeds, the attack is considered to have missed (thus no Damage is rolled). If the Test fails, the attack connects and Damage is rolled normally. Parry can be used against melee attacks but not ranged attacks.
Type: Half or Full Action
SubType: Movement
The character can spend a Half Action to move a number of metres equal to his Agility Bonus. As a Full Action, he may move twice that distance.
Type: Full Action
SubType: Movement
The character runs at full speed, covering a distance up to six times his Agility Bonus in metres. Until the character’s next turn, ranged attacks against him suffer a –20 penalty to Ballistic Skill Tests, but melee attacks against him gain a +20 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests.
Righteous Fury
When rolling Damage after a successful attack, if any die roll results in a natural “10,” there is a chance the Emperor’s favour is with the attacker. (This includes a result of “10” when rolling 1d5 for Damage.) This result calls for a second attack roll that is identical, all modifiers included, to the original attack. If that second attack hits, the attacker may roll an additional die for Damage and add it to the Damage total. If the additional Damage roll also results in a natural “10,” the Emperor has indeed smiled upon the attacker and the attacker may roll another die for Damage and add it to the Damage total. This process continues until a number other than “10” is rolled on the Damage die. Normally, only Player Characters gain the benefits of Righteous Fury. The Game Master may, at his discretion, allow important NPC’s and villains to gain the benefits of Righteous Fury as well.
Engaged in Melee
When a character is adjacent to an enemy, he can engage that enemy in melee combat by performing any attack action with a melee weapon. If a character moves away from an enemy whilst engaged in melee combat, that enemy can make a free melee attack against the character moving away. A character engaged in melee combat cannot make ranged attacks unless he wielding a pistol class weapon.
Point Blank
Ballistic Skill Tests made to hit a target within three metres are Easy (+30). Note that this bonus does not apply when shooting targets that are engaged in melee combat with the character.

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