Rogue Trader – 01

The following is information available to the players of my upcoming Rogue Trader game. Basics of the game system will be up here.
Sector: Perditus, which is far to the east of Terra
System: Invenit
Seven planets orbit the star of this sytem. Only Invenit III, IV and VI are in habitable.
The Invenit system is a little off the beaten track of the main trade routes but is a valuable resource in the sector due to its notable Forge Moon over Invenit IV.
Invenit III – known as Sepulcrum is an agriculture world. With only one major population centre, it is mainly dominated by endless forests which are harvested year around.
Invenit IV – is called Antris and is dominated by its hive cities and factories.
Invenit VI – no further name was ever given to the planetoid furthest away from the sun. Rich in minerals it is frequently mined by the Mechanicus from the Forge Moon.
Rogue Trader: Lord Commodore Trevant Von Blacksun
Warrant of Trade: Issued in the 33rd Millennium in the Terra system.
Notable ships of his fleet –
The Avenger Class Grand Cruiser – Call of Order (
A long standing ship of the line, it is not known when the Call of Order was given the Blacksun dynasty. Indeed this has caused some problems with various Imperial fleet logistic officers who have tried to narrow down exactly when, why and indeed if the Call of Order left service and was granted to the Rogue Trader.
Captained by Lady Resolution, almost nothing is know of the captain of the Resolution. Although it is rumoured she is either Von Blacksunsdaughter or indeed wife, despite neither being seen together.
Frigate – 110VX.1338 (
The Adeptus Mechanicus vessel was attached to the Von Blacksun dynasty over 2,000 years ago after the discovery of a partial Standard Template Construction fragment. Such is the overwhelming need of the Mechanicus for STCs they immediately attached the 110VX.1338 to assist the Rogue Trader as well as to keep an eye out for any further information to be gleamed. These orders seem to have never been rescinded as the 110VX.1338 still follows most orders given to it and stays in formation, as well providing repairs to other ships.
The rest of the fleet comprises of various cargo vessels and deep haulers. None of the these have particularly heavy armaments. It has been rumoured that the carrier Mandates Song seems to have a rather excessively large volume of void shields and tends to carry very little cargo.

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