Project Advancement and Trials of a GM

The Board Game – I got a bit of a jolt with this one so started making some forward moves on this one again. The theme has managed to evolve out of the dead end it was in due to copyright issues. That means I will have to update all the cards and the rule sheets. But I do think the new theme can work very well.

The rules have been looked over by an a clever fellow and they still seem tight. Will have to get folks to have another look over it once I get the rule sheet changed over to the new theme.

Alongside this theme I have made enquires with a talented artist to help prepare a demo deck. So fingers crossed on that as I am now heading for a dead line of January.

Death Watch – Got to play our second session of Death Watch and wrap up the mission. I appear to have taken a slightly different view on what a GM meant than what he actually meant, as such my little team got into a fight that should have been a TPK. Thankfully the Emperor and his dice rolls were with us! Scratch one Tau commander in battlesuit and his mates. Also we had an extra player so we just slotted in our new found assault marine without question(he was totally just over there the whole time).

Trials of a GM – Often I end up wondering why people GM stuff. For others I assume they get something positive out of it, for me I tend to just want to get my friends together period. I don’t get to see much of them at all these days.

What bothers me most of GMing is the effort ratio. The effort I put in to get people to the games compared to the effort they put in to let me even know if they can go. Don’t get me wrong, people have a lot higher priories than gaming and I fully approve but a lack of response irks me. It just seems plain rude.

All in all, I like my games. The players seem to me to like my games and I will keep going. But the odd time I curse it all, as in By Odin’s Beard I Shall Destroy Thine Fingers For Not Texting Back!

Ahem, well that is me done for a bit. Breathe.

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  • I get a lot out of GMing, but I take it very seriously and expect my players to take their responsibility seriously. I'm giving up my time (both in prep work and in running the game) as well as my home and personal space so that we can get together and enjoy a shared story. There are a lot of things I could spend that time on, so I make it very clear that I expect my players to be as committed to the game as I am.

    It might be considered a little harsh, but I've been GMing a very long time and I've experienced the best and worst of groups. Gaming time gets limited as your responsibilities grow, and everyone deserves the best return on investment of time in their activities.

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