Past the first step

So here we are, stuck with a vast array of ideas and projects and a desperate need to get them moving forward. Details for some of these projects will be limited to avoid breaking things before they get a head of steam. I sink rather low if things stall too badly. But on the upside this blog will be used by me to expand my thoughts on any number of my ongoing projects and see what I can cook up.

A few of the ideas/projects I have off the top of my head are:

The Boardgame – This has been setup, rules done, pieces made, many many play tests done and an idea was put forward to an industry type. This hasn’t made in any further yet sadly, the players from all test runs have enjoyed the game and I will not let it go. More runs of this would help to see if I can tweak it further. This will involve having to spring it on new people. The basic of the game is the players trying to explore a randomly tile generated village and retrieve an item. New themes are being sought, ie: pirates stealing gold, etc.
Side note to this I have thought heavily of turning the above game into a phone app. as the format could work well for solo play.

Gaming/larping cartoon/web-comic – Hmm that sounds rather vague when I put it up like that but I have done a bunch of drawings for this one, some I am even happy with. This would boil down to creating the usual web-comic format but around the different larp systems I play in and things I would encounter.

Forging a blade! – Ok this wouldn’t be an actual blade but I wish to make and wield in combat my own larp weapon. I struck by the idea that there are weapon makers out there known by there weapons, for example the joy some people have in using a Peck(sp) sword or in owning an Artyfakes custom weapon. I have the starting materials, a number of cores and foam so I will not be going from scratch at least. This project won’t take off until after the Gathering, something to perk me up over the winter period.

Baker Street Social Club – This is my ongoing Dark Heresy game. Set in a steam punk version of the Holmes books, the Great Detective himself works as the groups Inquisitor and keeps the folks busy with the strange and often horrifying things they encounter. I have a back log of write-ups for the game sessions which I just might publish here as well.

Assorted others include two A4 pages worth of game ideas, one of which has expanded to several ideas for an epic level war game, the makings of a cloak, several masks, a novel I will never show, a thirst for co-op gaming and surviving another year in the LT 😉

I will keep this blog informed of updates as I can. Hope it will make for interesting reading.

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