Redone: Iron Warriors – Cataphractii Terminators

By | 6th June 2017

Iron Warriors - Cataphractii Terminators: redoneSo after some good feed back on my Iron Warriors – Cataphractii Terminators, both on the blog and Reddit, I had another look at them. I noticed the shoulders were all wrong. Some folks thought they looked a little bit too much like Dark Angels, which I didn’t mind but the red had to go. The brown leather seems to work better with the over all look.

Iron Warriors - Cataphractii Terminators: redone

I also went ahead and added some hazard stripes to try drive the point home. Tricky stuff but starting to get the hang of them now. What do you think of the updated versions?

Iron Warriors - Cataphractii Terminators: redone

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  • The brown works much better, though I’d hit it up with a wash for some depth. The hazard stripes are looking good as well.

    • It actually has some earthshade on it. I will have a good luck tonight under the lights and see how it stands, might be I washed the pictures out.

      • Probably washed out in the shots.

        • From the look of the models in person that seems to be the case. Will see if I can lighten and darken parts of them though.

  • Mordian7th

    Looking much more Iron Warriors-y! Perhaps a reikland fleshshade or earthshade wash on the leather to give it a little more oomph. Great work, man!

    • Yeah it doesn’t look they have have been washed but there is earthshade on there. I will have to go back to it though, it seems.

  • Yeah they look much more like iron warriors now. I did like the red but it would have overpowered the stripes, so I think the change is good 🙂