Gaming and Kickstarter

I am no expert on most anything but I do understand what I like at least. What’s more is I see what my friends are into. More and more it seems like they are looking towards to Kickstarter to find there games.

For example Sentinels of the Multiverse. This game blown up in gaming circles, a not so minor obsession with it started and dozens of games were played every weekend. Kickstarter started this for a lot of these people, but just as many went to brick and mortar stores. This was even before the most recent Kickstarter campaign, which is linked above. Now I enjoy the game but had no more than a passing interest in the campaign.

More recently I had two campaigns brought to my my attention, one for Exalted 3rd Edition and one for Deadzone.

Take a moment to look at them and see what you think. One makes the crucial mistake of telling you they are using some of the money to give themselves a pay rise. That is a fine and usually much needed think, but don’t add it as a stretch goal.

I have been asked by a few people why I don’t have a game due to hit Kickstarter, it is something I have strongly considered. But the only game I have worth running with is still with a company looking over it. I have other games kicking around and taking shape. Have to keep reaching for it. If I don’t, who will?

Now I shall go back to staring at the Kickstarter for Deadzone… not that I pledged on it or anything governor.

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