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The Board Game – Waiting for some artwork to move forward with the most recent prototype.  Otherwise play-testing goes steaming ahead. My new theme seems to be going well and I am looking forward to creating the next level of the prototype. Hopefully I will get to preview some art here soon.

With Gaelcon coming up this month and a chance to wrangle some folks into more play-testing. With that in mind I also found a great post from a good man named John Kovalic. I recommend checking it and his comic out. 17 Steps to Publishing Your Game.

Personal Gaming – Sadly since dropping the Steampunk game due to some issues I haven’t had anything to play. A friend had tried to start a game but he does have follow through issues and as such character creation has done done but nothing else.

In place of this I have been re-reading a decade long series I was put on to by Dave Thompson. It is the near entire run of a D&D game that starts off small and becomes rather epic, read it all here: Sagiro’s Story Hour. Be warned you may get drawn in and lose quite a lot of time.

Other Blogs
There are a few other blogs I am keeping my eye on, you might well find it interesting to take a look.

Dave Thompson – on his journey to becoming fitter in mind and body.

Lorraine McKee – who is documenting her efforts to move jobs.

Paul Anthony Shortt – an old friend and his work in becoming a published author. His work has paid off and his book is coming out on November 8th.

Lisa Voo – this woman makes me rethink how I look at games, but in a good way. Future columnist I hope.

PS – I now have a list of nine games to start work on as well.

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