All About Refinements

After an enjoyable stay in Cork for Warpcon I am back to refinements on the current game. All about the small little touches to help balance things.

Got some great advice from John Kovalic after a playtest he did. Always helps to get advice from somone who knows his way around a game or two. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to play it through with James Wallis while I was at it. But I did get a chance to try out his new version of Once Upon A Time. Just getting to listen in on his design process was good experience.

Sadly that provided more games design experience than the panel with featured John, Mr Wallis, Mr Ken Hiteof GURPs fame and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and was meant to be on Games Design. Sadly the members of the panel outnumbered the audience two to one.

Time to go back to game balancing I suppose. There is so much of that to do, it is very interesting when you see how much things interact. I have spreadsheets and I am becoming tempted to make pie charts. Who doesn’t like pie charts?

Oh and fear the Twitter of me!

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